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What’s and how does it work? is a second screen app for presentations.

There’s something remarkable going on during presentations. People tend to look at their second screen every minute of a presentation. Isn’t that offending for a speaker? Well, actually it’s not. People are expanding the speakers’ reach by tweeting quotes, taking notes, taking pictures of slides, looking up references. Problem is: they often miss the point during their second screen activity.

With each slide, pushes additional links, images and tweetable quotes in real-time and in sync with the presentation. offers those note takers a head start by providing several bits of the story, only one click away to save for later, provided by the speaker.

The Presenter App is a Keynote plugin, the killer-presentation software from Apple, to coordinate the updates according to each slide. The plugin will also be available for Powerpoint later on. The audience can tune in with the mobile app connected to the internet through either wifi hotspots or 3G or 4G networks.

The speaker prepares his slide deck with Keynote/Powerpoint and the Presenter App to add an extra layer of content. Each slide can have several links to related articles, images, quotes and contact information of the speaker. The speaker is in full control of the content that is displayed with his slides.

The mobile app receives new content when the speaker turns to the next slide, providing the audience to listen more and type less. During the presentation one can easily engage with the content from the presentation on social media. A voice sounds a thousand times louder on Twitter and the voice of the speaker is amplified to a reach far wider than the conference building. Even after the presentation the attendees have their own summary supplemented with personal notes.

How did you come up with the idea?

Emiel and I we’re listening to a presentation on UX for startups. At some point the presenter stopped his presentation and asked the audience “Damn guys, why are you all busy on your smartphones/tables/computers? Am I boring you?”

We all responded “Hell no”. We we’re all taking notes, looking up references he made, and even mentioning on Twitter how great his presentation was. He felt complimented.

Emiel and I started thinking about solving the problem we and the speaker encountered, and that’s how we came up with

Who’s behind the startup?

At the moment we are a 2 man team based in Antwerp. We’re working from idealabs, the first startup accelerator from Belgium.

Cedric has a marketing background. I’ve worked for digital advertising agencies before taking on a job at idealabs. They were looking for a digital marketer, willing to help them with the branding of the accelerator. I joined their team from the beginning, quickly doing more than just marketing. I was closely involved with the first accelerator cycle, helping startups on several levels. Being surrounded by other entrepreneurs, I felt the urge to begin my own startup adventure with Emiel.

I have a passion for technology, marketing and startups. After hours I like to dive in to my movie and music collection.

Emiel is a computer scientist with a passion for anything new. He worked at decolabs, a company that made an augmented reality app for decorating your interior with 3D furniture, where he built an analytics platform. Emiel is a young technology enthusiast with a focus on web platforms and an interest in mobile apps. team

How did you guys find/meet each other?

We met each other at idealabs. It’s a big building with a coffeebar, startup accelerator, and co-working space. Several startups rent an office space at idealabs, and Decolabs was one of them. Emiel worked for Decolabs as a Developer, and we met in the coffeebar. Became friends quickly, and attended the same events at idealabs.

The UX for startups class was special for us. After that class, we quickly sat down together talking about

Why did you decide to go down the startup-route instead of getting a (or keeping your) 9-5 job, perhaps in a large corporate?

We’re still young (25 and 23). We were at the right time at the right place. We both wanted to start our own business at some point. Trying the Entrepreneur path at least once in our lives. In Belgium not everyone is up for that challenge compared to the US. If you fail, you get discredited.

You learn so much starting up your business. It’s an invaluable experience, something you will not encounter working for a big Corporate. Its one crazy ride, but so far it was so worth it.

We’ve been to places, and met amazing people in those few months working on

Belgium has a premature startup scene, so if your startup gets to visit Silicon Valley and has a booth at a big tech conference, you get a lot of attention. We even got a full page in one of the national newspapers.

Are you guys angel funded or VC backed already? If not, are you looking to raise money and what expertise would you require from an investor?

So far, we haven’t invested any money into our startup.

We’re looking to raise a seed round of 250K from an investor who wants to help us globalize our product. Guiding us in turning into a profitable business. Someone who likes to give presentations 🙂

What piece of advice would you give to 9-5ers who are dreaming to startup their own web venture?

Don’t just jump in. Take your time to think things through. Working/running a startup seems like a lot of fun. It is, but it is also hard.

Talk to a lot of people, not only people linked to your startup, but friends and family. Explain them what your plan is, and see if they are supportive. Having their back up means a lot when running a startup.

As we are rather young, and it’s our first startup, we dont have that much advice for 9-5ers.

Just do what you love, what keeps you going all day.

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